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Horizon 2008 Project Keynote Presentation April 12, 2008

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wikinomics1.jpgDon Tapscott’s keynote presentation to the Horizon2008 Project will be well received by the participants of the project. A focus of his presentation was that Education is in need of a major change for 21st Century students. I cannot imagine any progressive student nor teacher not agreeing with that statement and giving it full endorsement.

He stated among other things, that today’s generation were not passive and not content to watch television 24 hours a day as are the ‘Baby Boomer’s’ (yee-gads, that’s me a baby boomer). Today’s generation are active producers of material in today’s digital age. This has rippling effects in schools, in that students do not wish to be passive students in a teacher centred classroom but want to be active students in a student centred classroom that has structure. The current educational model is not appropriate for this era that deals with knowledge.

Many of the concepts dealt within his book, Wikinomics, can be related to things that are happening within the Horizon 2008 Project. Some of the concepts include:

It is a pleasure to note that Don Tapscott accepted the invitation to be the keynote speaker for the Horizon 2008 Project because so much of what is in ‘Wikinomics’ is being implemented within the Horizon 2008 Project. It is ‘spine tingling’ when one observes ‘theory’ being put into practice.

‘Wikinomics’ compliments very much the concepts introduced in the book “The World is Flat” by Thomas Freidman.

Of course, much kudos goes to Julie Lindsay and Vickie Davis for bringing all of this together. Words fail me when trying to describe the brilliance of the Horizon 2008 Project.


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